Wonder As You Wander

Wonder As You Wander was our arts and health project funded by Coventry City Council Arts and Culture Project grants inviting people who live in Bell Green, Wood End & Manor House, Henley Green and Manor House Estate and have disabilities/long term health conditions to join local creative artists in local parks and woodland for a wellbeing wander, connecting participants to creativity and nature for the benefit of their mental and physical health.

At each 2 hour session participants will: 

  • meet with the artists for a cuppa at the The Hub (a pop-up creative workshop space) in the local park/woodland in Bell Green, Wood End & Manor House, Henley Green and Manor House Estate.
  • then begin a short accessible wandering. All group members will be given their own map of the space to track their journey and together (with the artists) the group will explore the space and creatively map their route taking photographs, journaling, and sharing thoughts and reflections of what they see around them. 
  • then return back to the creative hub and work with the artists using creative techniques to make their own unique piece of art inspired by their wander (no previous experience needed and all activities are very accessible).

Additional offer – We are delighted to be working in partnership with FABLAB who will help group members to make a larger piece of art (a bi-fold laser cut screen ) depicting words and images from their wanders.

The culmination of the project sessions will be an opportunity for participants to contribute their creations (if they wish to) to an outdoor pop-up arts exhibition to be displayed at The Greenhouse a celebratory community event at Moat House Park on Saturday 25th March. 

The project session dates are – 

Thursday 2nd March 1pm – 3pm Moat House Park, Winston Avenue, CV2 1EA

Tuesday 7th 1pm – 3pm Wyken Croft Nature Park, Hermes Crescent/Wyken Croft, CV2 3AE

Thursday 9th 1pm – 3pm Henley Mill Allotment, Henley Mill Lane, CV2 1EE

Tuesday 14th 1pm – 3pm Moat House Park, Winston Avenue, CV2 1EA

Thursday 16th 1pm – 3pm FabLab, Fargo Village, Far Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5ED

Physical and mental benefits to participants include:

  • Increased vitamin D
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress
  • Raised oxygen levels in your brain, which increases serotonin levels resulting in improved mood
  • Contribute to lowering your blood pressure
  • Opportunities to take time out and feel more relaxed 
  • Improvements in your confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunities for you meet and get to know new people
  • Feeling more connected to nature
  • Giving and receiving peer support
  • New creative skills developed
  • Shared positive experiences with other local community members
  • Opportunities for you to share your knowledge and memories/associations of the spaces they visit and thoughts about new spaces you visit

Please note that participants are welcome to attend the sessions with a friend/family member if they would like to.

Referral options:

  1. Recovery and Wellbeing Academy. We’re really pleased to be working in partnership with the Recovery and Wellbeing Academy for Wonder As You Wander and you can enrol through The Academy here and also find out about other wellbeing opportunities that are FREE and beneficial to you OR
  2. You can self refer to Wonder As You Wander or have someone refer on your behalf through this referral form or by contacting Kerry Harvey (Project Coordinator) by email kerry@thestarfishcollaborative.co.uk  or phone/text/whatsapp on 07907 823125.

Referral process – Whichever referral route you choose Kerry will contact you to introduce herself, give more details about the project and create a support needs plan with you so you can be fully supported during your time on the project.