About Us

We are a Coventry-based Community Interest Company promoting and facilitating social change in the city, through the design and delivery of bespoke personal, social and professional participatory arts programmes.

Messier 38 – The Starfish Cluster from the Hubble Space Telescope
Arts for Health & Wellbeing

With a passion for the arts and an understanding of the impact creativity can have on health and wellbeing, The Starfish Collaborative combine the delivery of accessible creative activities with effective approaches to positive mental and physical wellbeing.

Bespoke programmes can combine art forms including Theatre, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Film Production and Photography, with Mindfulness, relaxation techniques and physical activity – all with a view to facilitating positive mental and physical health, which we believe results in aspirations for social contribution. [read more]


Our programmes are highly participatory, using a variety of practical and accessible arts and creative techniques. Combining psychological techniques with these activities enables the individual to connect with themselves in many different ways and boosts mental resilience and resourcefulness. We strongly believe these approaches have a higher level of success, with regard to the positive impact upon and transformative development of participants, than traditional ‘classroom/seminar’ methods.