Problem-solving, creativity and team work.

We believe that the most successful way for people to grow and develop is to enable them to explore and experience through active participationOur Collaboratives have a wealth of experience of designing and delivering numerous transformative programmes of work for a diverse range of clients.

The combination of participatory arts practices and positive psychology techniques, provides a unique enhancement to the participants’ experience.

“If you tell me I will forget. If you show me I might see. 
If you let me experience, I will learn.”
– Chinese proverb

Participatory art forms include Drama, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Photography and Video. No prior experience is required.

Our programmes are highly participatory using a variety of practical applied arts techniques that stem from drama, creative writing, visual arts, video and photography practices.

These methods help to develop confidence and team working, with a focus on problem-based tasks and project briefs. This enables us to generate discussion around relevant issues, and to meet the session objectives (these may be implicit or explicit objectives), set out by the stakeholder and/or the participants themselves.

This intensive, ‘hands-on’ approach to new skills development and team working is conducted with coaching and mentoring techniques that reinforce the positive learning potential of trusting processes, learning from ‘mistakes’ and fostering a  strong working collaboration with others.